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Database Design, Setup and Documentation
Database Design,
Setup and Documentation

We understand that how a database should be designed and setup depend entirely on unique business requirements, that's why the One-Size-Fits-All principle does not work in this context. We are here to take care of data using different methods to collect, analyze, and control it. To implement our risk-free management we build customized database architecture around every actual business according to their needs and purposes

Data  Validation.png
Data validation

As a leading provider of database management services in various industries, we are skilled in validating and maintaining huge databases. At Valu Digital Marketing LLC we are in the continuous process of validation, cleaning, generation, and upgrading of databases both for businesses that we work with and for ourselves. Our dedicated team regularly updates databases so that the information is always fresh and up-to-date

Data Standardization  & Cleaning.png
Data standardization & cleaning

Since the acquired information is non-unified, data processing is not possible unless the structure is consistent. The main purpose of standardization and cleaning is to make it easier for users to utilize, modify, and process the stored info. We are working tirelessly to standardize the available information as per business standards, and transform raw data into useful, usable, and meaningful information

Database  Hosting.png
Database hosting

Database hosting can be overwhelming: it requires a great deal of memory, resources, and processing power. Sure, it is possible for businesses to host databases on their own, but larger hosting companies can simplify matters and significantly reduce costs. Due to cloud resources and hardware technologies, stored data is instantly accessible at any time, and secure enough to resist corruption and cyber-attacks

Custom Reformatting  and Data Conversion
Custom reformatting
and data conversion

Data that we collect is initially available in various formats. Since the information is generated from different sources and is available in different templates, this often results in errors while converting data into a given format. Collecting information from several sources, we know how important is to make it usable and to be rid of all possible inconsistencies and remove all duplications

Database Administration  & Updating.png
Database administration
& updating

It is crucial for businesses to update and manage information regularly. When administrating and updating our databases, we minimize the level of complexity of information systems, and maximize database investment profitability. Our experienced team is engage in database management and maintenance with the help of streamlined processes, standardized rules, and the execution of routine tasks

Complete backup, recovery and archival.p
Complete backup, recovery and archival

The protection of databases against threats is a challenge that requires cost and time. We are developing and implementing resilient, effective and robust database backup solutions to deliver secure and long-term data retention for companies that are looking for efficient and reliable ways to store their information. We are also creating recovery points to prevent business downtime if your data is threatened

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