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Valu Digital Marketing LLC is a company that is a dab hand at database management. From database administration, hosting, and data back-ups/recovery, we provide comprehensive solutions on how to arrange the databases efficiently. Our deep technical and process expertise enables us to set goals, strategize on implementation and analyze data


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Database Design, Setup and Documentation
Database Design,
Setup and Documentation

We implement database design, setup and documentation that strikes the desired balance between performance and usefulness, and make every effort to maintain this harmony throughout the whole structure

Custom Reformatting  and Data Conversion
Custom reformatting
and data conversion

We acquire and maintain huge databases both for our own needs and upon our clients' request. Data comes from various sources, and our mission is to make it usable

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Data validation

Databases that are cluttered with outdated, incomplete or invalid information will never support the right business decisions. Keeping databases accurate and updated is our top priority

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Database hosting

Sure, companies can host their own databases, but the advantages we provide as larger database hosting company include cost reduction as well as secure and easily accessible data

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Database administration
& updating

We engage in administration, management, installation, and support of databases and database systems both for vendors and for our own purposes

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Complete backup, recovery and archival

We implement the best recovery practices when archiving databases and develop backup strategy for a company environment. Our team are experts in storing and recovering data

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Data standardization
& cleaning

User data undergoes a continuous process of ordering and cleaning. The benefits of information standardization comprise ease of use and the fast processing and modification of data

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